About the Author


Gwendolyn Boyd Moss is a mother of 3, Justin (Jo Jo), Damon and Brandon. Inspired by her personal experience with her oldest son Justin, who was diagnosed with Autism at age 3 and Schizophrenia at age 14, she decided to create a series of children’s books centered on the characteristics of children with special needs to assist their peers in understanding their developmental differences and encourage friendships. My Big Brother Jo Jo & His Friend Schizophrenia is the first book release to the series “My Special Friend.”

A motivational speaker, it is her desire and passion to continue to bring awareness and inspire hope. She understands the despair that is felt when you receive any diagnosis for your child, and how this can affect everyone in direct connection with the child. She believes that you cannot let the diagnosis and statistics determine how far your child can go, but that you must BUILD on the gifts that your child may have!!!

Coming soon “Mr. Autism, Can Andrew Come Play?”,
“The Bipolar Bandit Has Captured Ben” and “Angelina and the ADHD Fairy.”

To book a signing and storytime email info@gwenboydmoss.com.